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ABOUT THE GUIDE :   Congratulations! You are thinking about investing in a boudoir portrait session with Madison Bou and It is going to be an amazing experience. Set in the magnificent environment of Hazlewood Castle, you know you're in for a very special day.

One of the keys to success in boudoir is bringing a proper wardrobe with you that is not only beautiful, but fits and flatters your body as well.

Please use this guide to help you shop and know what to bring to your session. I hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to ask us questions at any time to assist you through the process as well. Remember though, ultimately there's only one rule - No rules! If you feel comfortable then wear it.  That said, we have learned a few things over the years and know that some things work better than others. Here's our Madison Bou guide to lingerie for that perfect boudoir ensemble.


BABYDOLL: A babydoll is a short sleeveless, loose-fitting nightgown. It may sometimes have formed cups creating a bra-lette for cleavage with an attached loose-fitting skirt with a length that falls between the upper thigh and belly button. It's sheer and always photographs well and is flattering to all body types.

BODYSUIT: A close-fitting, one-piece stretch garment. Great for boudoir! They are very fashionable and widely available. These can be thicker outerwear or thinner, sheer lingerie. Both flatter and look great in photos.
BRA & KNICKER SETS:  Proper fit is extremely important . Be careful with push up bras as they often make you look unnatural. Ensure the area near your armpit looks nice and smooth and that you are not falling out of the cups. Less flattering for certain body types and remember that the tummy area is always exposed.
BUSTIER: A bustier is similar to a corset in coverage, but it has cups built in that give nice breast support. They don't usually cinch in the waist, but there are some hybrid styles out there that combine a little waist cinching and breast lifting.
CORSETS: Corsets are meant to cinch your waist and give you amazing curves. They usually have ties in the back to help create your shape. They are hard to put on, but worth it. 
STANDARD CLOTHING: Clothing is a fantastic option for boudoir! It might sound odd, but think about a hot leather jacket or ripped jeans and a sexy bra. How about off the shoulder stretchy jumpers or sheer t-shirts? There are so many options for clothing that can be just as sexy, if not sexier than lingerie.


GARTER BELTS, GARTERS & THIGH HIGHS: A garter belt is worn around the waist or hips with attached garters or fasteners to hold up stockings. Sometimes garters are built into lingerie so a belt is not needed. The stockings they hold up are called thigh highs (because they pull up to the thigh).
STOCKINGS AND TIGHTS: Some stockings have rubber inside to stay up without garters and will not work with garters. Be sure to buy stockings without rubber if you plan to wear a garter. There are many options for tights that are completely sheer-to-waist and have sexy details like seams or even quotes. Honestly, tights CAN be really sexy. 
SHAPE WEAR: Shape wear is a type of tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure. There are many beautiful options out there these days. 
SLIP: Think of them as dresses that that are meant to be when under a dress. They are often constructed with built-in cups for support. Some slips may fit into the shape wear category, but many do not.
TEDDY: A teddy is a garment that covers the torso and pelvis one garment. It is a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or body suit but is typically more sheer and definitely sexier and always photographs well for most body types.


We understand many women do not want to show too much skin or they are concerned about parts of their body they might not want to show off. Here are some tips to cover up - boudoir style.
For those who want to show off those hard-earned abs and a little more skin, bra and knicker sets are perfect.  Be sure when bra shopping you get measured and properly fit. If you have had a baby, lost weight, or it's been over a year since your last fitting, do yourself a favour and get a fitting. Most women are tempted to go straight for push-up bras, but resist the urge. Before you try on push-ups, look for demi-cup bras or underwire bras that offer strong support without adding too much size. This is typically more flattering.
If you have some stretch marks or scars, look for some more opaque materials, but stick with styles that will show off your shape. Consider bodysuits, teddys and slips.  Babydolls can be an option to cover the tummy but can often make you look heavier. The key here, is not to be scared of your curves but to embrace them.


Let's get to the bottom of this...If a great booty shot is on your list, we recommend bottoms that show just enough, but not too much. Cheeky or Brazilian bottoms are usually preferable to thongs and g-strings.  Many teddies and body suits are cut in the back to show off the booty. 
Legs - We all want long, gorgeous legs so look for high-cut knickers, teddies, and body suits. The higher the leg opening, the longer your legs will look. High heels that match your skin tone will also make your legs look longer.
Do you want the lift of a pretty bra without showing too much skin? A beautiful bustier may be just for you! They offer amazing support while giving you a little more coverage, all while flattering your shape.
Arms are sometimes a concern for women so look for long sleeved body suits or throw a crisp white button down shirt over some killer lingerie. 
If you are worried about your tummy, think of shape wear (the gorgeous kind)! Not the kind that hurts. Slips, bustiers, corsets, and high waist knickers are excellent options. A beautiful lace robe over a bra and knickers is a great choice. So is a plain tank top and pretty undies.
Alway bring more outfits with you than you plan to wear, this way we have options! We also recommend bringing one outfit totally out of your comfort zone. You don't have to wear it, but you just might want to.


SHOES: Please bring at least one pair of black and one pair of flesh-toned heels with you. The higher the heel, the better! If you want to bring more shoes, great! Shoes should be in like-new condition. (Especially red soles) Be forewarned, ankle straps look sexy in person, but may give you the appearance of a shorter leg in camera.
STOCKINGS: This is probably the most frequently forgotten item during every boudoir shoot. Tights by themselves are a great option and can be super affordable. Quality tights though, not the cheap ones you wear everyday.
JEWELLERY: Feel free to bring any jewellery you might want to wear. Some ladies prefer to keep it simple. Pearls always look great in boudoir. Thin necklaces, less so. 

PROPS: The prop should suit your personality and not be a distraction. Fans, masks, hats, scarves etc.


A boudoir portrait session is a very special event and a sizeable investment. Please do not go through your lingerie drawer the night before and grab a few things. Make sure your lingerie is in like-new or new condition without visible tags showing through. Take the time to try your outfits on before the session and see what works and what does not. You may want to take some time and go do a little shopping. Of course we would all love to walk into Agent Provocateur and walk out with amazing lingerie, but most of us just cannot justify that expense. Start shopping as soon as you book your portrait session and you will have fantastic options!


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Watch the video to see an example of one of our Boudoir photoshoots




Congratulations on getting your wardrobe lined up! You'll have fun doing a little shopping and planning your day as a sexy supermodel. Here are a few suggestions for your beauty prep on the day of your shoot.

You'll have hair and make-up done on the day of course so just show up showered with clean hair and make sure your skin is well moisturised.

BROWS: Don't neglect your brows. Make sure your brows are well-groomed, but not over-groomed. If you wax or thread, do this 2-3 days before the session.

UNWANTED HAIR: If you shave, do this about 24 hours before the session. This way your skin should be settled down. If you wax make sure you do this about 48 hours before the session.

HANDS AND FEET: Do yourself a favour and get a mani/pedi. You don't need to do anything fancy. Pick colours that complement your skin. You can't go wrong with red.

SKIN: Please, do not self tan. Make sure you don't get a sunburn right before the session. We can edit bruises and pimples, but changing a bad fake-and-bake tan or sunburn is nearly impossible.

THE DAY OF: Make sure you wear loose clothing so you don't get lines on your skin. Have a good breakfast. Drink water and avoid anything that makes you bloated. Relax, have fun. We will coach you through the poses and expressions. 

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